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May 9, 2017

Big Cable Maintains Wireless Tunnel Vision

"Focus" Has A Dark Side

It's as if they read last week's post, and decided to "double down".

Today's feed contained three links about that all covered Comcast's new "parental controls". (You might remember I mentioned "afterthoughts".) The feed headlines were classic:

“Comcast seeks to make Wi-Fi more user-friendly” - Houston Chronicle

“Comcast Launches New Wi-Fi Service” - WSJM

“Comcast Inks Charter Mobile Deal, Intros WiFi Control” - Broadband Technology Report

OK, the last one had the subject in "other news", but last week's observation - WiFi that can actually benefit YOUR business "is not even on their radar".

The home market remains the priority.

Remember, this is a cable company. The grew from providing television where "broadcast" couldn't reach, to making “real" available, to, eventually, becoming Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

was an afterthought for companies delivering television programming (“afterthought” may be too kind - keep reading). You can be sure that – again – someone figured out that they could charge customers more for internet access as an “add-on service”.

And then (way later than you'd think), they discovered this thing called "WiFi".

Now they've stumbled across "more user-friendly” WiFi, launching a "New Wi-Fi Service”, introducing "WiFi Control”.

For "the home market".

It boggles the mind.

“Business WiFi”'s Coming Of Age.

For years, internet cafes were the only way to get online anywhere but home. And it was a “pay-to-play” business model that worked well for travelers (especially business travelers) because it allowed them to keep in touch. WiFi changed the model, offered first as a premium by hotels (still “pay-for play” that replaced wired internet (“wired connection” still available).

But most businesses - especially small businesses - resisted. When they came around, it was “pay-to-play”. Internet (and WiFi) became a "cost of doing business".

But many still don't know they can name their WiFi after themselves. Few understand that WiFi IS RADIO; a "broadcast" medium that promotes business.

Fewer still know that they can use the "Free WiFi" they offer as a marketing tool.

WiFi ADVERTISING Is the Lastest "OOH".

"OOH" is jargon for "Out-Of-Home" advertising. Like interactive billboards with QR Codes, and posters with NFC ("Tap Here") tags that let those whose interest has been piqued by an ad respond immediately.

WiFi advertising is "OOH" that's "hyperlocal" (more jargon) for reaching people who are nearby, broadcasting up to 300 feet.

And you don't have to offer WiFi to advertise.

Saguaro Hotspot® has entered a strategic alliance with The Phoenix Network® to make WiFi Advertising available to businesses that don't (don't think they can) offer Free WiFi. With hyperlinked ads that users can click when their interest is triggered. WiFi Advertising that will reach "captive eyeballs" (advertising jargon) at the same time it helps SMALL BUSINESS Hotspots retain existing customers, and attract new ones. WiFi that can direct traffic to advertisers, as it delivers customer demographics and identities, to the SMALL BUSINESS Hotspots, powering their own marketing and remarketing efforts.

CALL: 602-618-6626 to schedule a live demonstration.

EMAIL: for a live demonstration.

WiFi: Your Best Marketing Tool

Certain combinations, chocolate and peanut butter, wine and cheese, or flowers and candy, just fit the description "a match made in heaven". Now you can add FREE WIFI and Social Connection to that list.

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