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May 2, 2017

Big Cable Goes Wireless, Remains Clueless

WiFi that can benefit a business not on the list

One announced at launch that WiFi voice would not be offered (yet). Another didn’t say, either way, but later announced WiFi calling is "active part of the discussion in our product development."

But, in seeking the “new, shiny toy”, both of these major players made one thing clear as crystal: the home market is – and will remain – their priority.

“Business WiFi” is, even in the best light, secondary. (“the best light” being that they’re “in WiFi” at all). And, so far as can be determined at this time, WiFi that can actually benefit a business (other than their own) is not even on their radar.

They know data has value.

These are cable companies, after all. Their original business model was delivering television programming that wasn’t available as a broadcast (for a fee, of course). Then someone figured out that they could “double dip”, charging customers more to make “broadcast television” available (enough to pay broadcast networks a nominal fee, and make a "modest" profit). We won’t get into how that has evolved.

The point, here, is that becoming Internet Service Providers (ISPs) was an afterthought for companies delivering television programming (“afterthought” may be too kind - keep reading). You can be sure that – again – someone figured out that they could charge customers more for internet access as an “add-on service”.

There’s nothing wrong with any of that.

Business is business, and if the money isn’t flowing, there is no business. So an afterthought (“broadcast via cable”) begat an afterthought (“cable as an ISP”), which (and this took longer than it should have) begat the afterthought that is WiFi.

The “great-grandchild” afterthought - WiFi - is "spawning".

For years, internet cafes were a successful business model. Come in, “pay-to-play”, plug in an ethernet cable, and get online. It worked well for travelers (especially business travelers) because it allowed them to “untether” from their hotel room (also, usually, “pay-to-play”).

With the advent of of WiFi, the model began to change. First, WiFi was a premium offered by hotels, etc., on a “pay-for” basis, then replaced wired internet as the “pay-to-play” option (with “wired connection” becoming “free”). Internet cafes thrived, too, avoiding the infrastructure costs of hard-wired cabling. Coffee shops joined the team. And the rest is history.

But businesses needn’t wait for cable companies to deliver WiFi that can actually benefit them. Businesses needn’t wait for WiFi that can double as a marketing tool.

WiFi that can double as a marketing tool.

That’s where we come in, with WiFi that can help SMALL BUSINESSES retain existing customers, and attract new ones. With WiFi that can deliver customer demographics along with identities, to power marketing and remarketing efforts.

Remarketing that is personalized; that’s relevant. WiFi intended to encourage even casual customers to come back and spend more, regularly.

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