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September 26, 2017

How Much Is Your *FREE WIFI* Paying You?

If you offer *FREE WIFI*, it’s probably because you know customers demand it. You saw them, with their eyes glued to their tablets and smartphones. If you don’t, the numbers say you should.

Recent surveys found that daily access to WiFi is VERY important to 74% of American consumers. Even more surprising is that 52% of adults find public wi-fi convenience outweighs cyberthreat risk. And that doesn’t include their kids.

So, again I ask:

How Much Is Your *FREE WIFI* Paying You?

Small businesses that offer *FREE WIFI* might do it grudgingly, knowing that some customers will go elsewhere if they don’t. It’s another “cost of doing business”. And that’s the same reason some businesses still don’t. Some businesses charge for it, to defray those costs.

Airlines, for example, have been offering “pay for play” WiFi for awhile, and at least one major airline, in particular, is “upgrading” to satellite WiFi, and passing the increased cost on to passengers. At 35,000 feet, it’s unlikely that they can go somewhere else.

But your customers can. You’re in a fixed location. “Brick and mortar” as it’s called.

Shopping centers are getting into the act offering public Wi-Fi access for shoppers, “meeting customer expectations”. They know that the data they gather on “how shoppers spend their time and other valuable customer behavior” will make it possible for them to “provide insight to retailers for that will create future engagement opportunities”. For them, it’s a “comprehensive retail Wi-Fi solution” they can charge you for. At the least, makes their shopping center locations worth more in the lease market.

You bite the bullet whether you offer *FREE WIFI* or not.

So, once more I ask:

How Much Is Your *FREE WIFI* Paying You?

Because your *FREE WIFI* can be more secure, and pay for itself. YES, it can actually PAY YOU.

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WiFi: Your Best Marketing Tool

Certain combinations, chocolate and peanut butter, wine and cheese, or flowers and candy, just fit the description "a match made in heaven". Now you can add FREE WIFI and Social Connection to that list.

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