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September 12, 2017

What's Important To Customers Sould Be Important To You

If It's Not, You're Not

The most disturbing news from the last week was that Equifax - one of the "big three" of credit reporting agencies - had a data breach. 143 MILLION Social Security numbers and drivers' license numbers are now in the hands of, well, criminals.

Today's big news is that Equifax's $100 million to $150 million cyber breach insurance is unlikely to cover the damages and costs. This is the third major cybersecurity threat for Equifax since 2015, so security is on many minds, for the moment. But that will pass, as it has for every catastrophic data breach.

Think that's cynical? Other news - you probably won't notice it unless you cut through the chatter - is that 60% of thousands of adults in 15 countries think their info is safe on Public WiFi, but 53% admit they can't tell.

Nothing protects all people, in all places, at all times.

These conversations show that people are addicted to *Free WiFi*. "Second thoughts" don't occur to them when they want to connect to get online.

In a hotel, on a plane, in a restaurant or bar is how they decide where to go and stay.

Half of them said the most important thing to access is GPS information.

And 40% admitted using public WiFi in hotels/rentals to watch adult content (not HBO GO), knowing their data is collected, at least by ISPs. They even do it on trains, on buses, at airports, at work, and even in the public toilet.

They seem to think the hotel wifi system, for example (a security nightmare by itself) doesn't know where they went.

Your Reputation Is No Big Deal, Right?

This blog generally revolves around using WiFi as a marketing tool. Specifically, Social WiFi. That is, using social media as the login portals. Because doing so provides customer-users with a higher level of security, and host-businesses with customer information to better serve customers' wants and needs.

If you offer *Free WiFi*, you probably think having it "password-protected" is enough. But how much protection can a password provide when you give it to everyone?

It's extremely unlikely (practically impossible) that your local small business will ever face the level of breach that Equifax is facing. Your exposure will be limited to your business reputation.

So how does "Social WiFi"  fit into this?

Local small businesses are "between a rock and a hard place". If you decide ot to offer *Free WiFi*, you will lose some customers. And an unknowable number that won't come in or stay if you don't.

So what are you to do? Everyone has friends and associates. So if you lose just one customer over lack of *Free WiFi* (or never gain a new one), is your margin big enough to withstand that? And if just one got hacked at your business, what affect would THAT have?

I KNOW "pitching" on a blog is offensive. But seriously, would you not tell someone they're about to step into a pot-hole?

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