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WiFi: Analytics Offer Hoteliers Opportunities

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May 30, 2017

Wi-Fi Captures A Wealth Of Data.

Hoteliers Can Use Data To Foster Personalized Guest Experiences.

Opportunities abound for hotels in to leverage guest insights, data usage, and more for revenue generatation and solidifying brand loyalty.

Wi-Fi has become a vital business asset to drive hotel loyalty and profitability. It is the top amenity desired by travelers and, with the growth of guests who interact primarily online (aka, the “silent traveler”), Wi-Fi is the most important guest connection. 10.7 exabytes/month (1 EB = one billion GB) were "offloaded" from mobile networks in 2016.

Data has value.

Wi-Fi Calling has has only increased the importance of Wi-Fi. “Coffee shop” WiFi just won't do for guests making voice calls on Wi-Fi.
Today's travelers carry multiple Wi-Fi-enabled devices (for streaming high-bandwidth media, for example). They expect hotel Wi-Fi to keep up.

If a hotel's WiFi isn't as good as what they have at home ("carrier-class"), people won't stop traveling, but an estimated 80% of them will find WiFi that is.

But demanding guests also create brand loyalty opportunities for hotels. When your hotel becomes known for delivering a memorable experience, that 80% is more likely to come back for another stay.

Analytics are HUGE.

WiFi is more than a guest amenity in 2017. It's a sales and mar­keting tool, and Analytics are a huge part of that.

Location information, data usage, guest insights, can all be integrated into your CRM automatically to enhance interaction between your staff and your guests, and feed your marketing efforts. Add Facebook public profile data, and those efforts become personalized; build engagement; encourage loyalty.

Performance data. Comparable across multiple locations.

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WiFi: Your Best Marketing Tool

Certain combinations, chocolate and peanut butter, wine and cheese, or flowers and candy, just fit the description "a match made in heaven". Now you can add FREE WIFI and Social Connection to that list.

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