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May 23, 2017

15.3 Million Business Hotspots by 2021

This Subset of "Public Wi-Fi" Is Forecast To Grow By 74% In Four Years.

Widely accepted by Mobile Nework Operators (MNOs) globally, WiFi is seen "as a complementary network for offloading traffic from expensive cellular networks to lower costs.

In the beginning, there was the word. And the word was Wi-Fi.

Coined by brand-consulting firm Interbrand, and trademarked by The Wi-Fi Alliance in 1999, "Wi-Fi" is a pun on "hi-fi". (That wasn't really the beginning. The "Road to WiFi" started at the University of Hawaii; ALOHAnet - "Additive Links On-line Hawaii Area" - became operational in June, 1971.)

It wasn't until 1991, when NCR and AT&T Corporation - credited with inventing Wi-Fi - invented the precursor to 802.11 for cashier systems (named WaveLAN) that WiFi began to take off.

Since then, WiFi has taken on a life of its own.

Wired Traffic Will Drop by 19%.

Ten years ago, businesses offering WiFi were rare. You'd only find it at internet cafes and premium hotels, supplementing, then replacing, the wired internet connection as a “pay-to-play” premium service. Both evolved from the “pay-to-play” model to "free".

Now, "Hotspots" are everywhere - cafés and restaurants, hotels, retail chains, airports, planes, and trains - offering public Wi-Fi to guests and customers. Some still hold out for the "pay-to-play" model, but smart businesses provide it free.

They are the ones know that not only can name their WiFi after themselves, they know that they can use "Free WiFi" as a marketing tool.

They know data has value.

There were 10.7 exabytes/month "offloaded" from mobile networks in 2016 (1 EB = one billion GB). It'll be 83.6 exabytes/month by 2021.

Smart businesses might not know those numbers, but they know A LOT OF CUSTOMER DATA can be theirs..

And their data feeds their bottom line.

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WiFi: Your Best Marketing Tool

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