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Wifi has changed brick-and-mortar businesses.


Everybody knows how WiFi works.
♦A Customer finds your Free WiFi on their smartphone or tablet;
♦They select your Free WiFi from the list; and
♦A "Password Box" pops up, for them to enter the password your staff gives them
(or wrote on the wall!)
  • Their "WiFi list" looks the same.
  • When your Customers open WiFi on their smartphone, your establishment comes up on the list, and they select it (because why would't they? They're there, in your establishment).
    But right there is where the similarity ends.

  • WiFi Screen.

RIGHT THERE is where ❇the magic❇ happens!

  • Saguaro Hotspot Screen.
  • Instead of going to an unsafe password box...
  • ...they go to a custom landing page; "a visual"  for your establishment.
  • Your logo. Your brand. Your promo.
    "A picture is worth a thousand words", and when your Customers SEE your logo, brand, or special, it makes a stronger impression.
    They're more likely to connect.


  • When they connect, it's secure.
  • They connect through a secure social media login, PROTECTED by that social medium's built-in security.
    They simply "click" their choice and opt-in using their own social media account, safely.

  • Login Screen.

WHAT COULD BE ❇better than that❇?


Advanced login and data-collection.
  • Saguaro Hotspot Social WiFi login screen
    Check-in & Post.

'Likes', Check-ins, and Twitter tweets ❇MULTIPLY❇ your social media rankings.

  • Our advanced login and guest data-collection options fundamentally change the future.
  • When Customers login, they OPT-IN, sharing their public profile data. Name, email, age & gender.
  • Their Name. Their email. Their Age  & Gender (if "public"). And much, much more.
  • Recently, we added the option to Check-in and Post to Facebook, telling their entire social network where they are and what they're doing there (at your establishment). This allows you — the Hotspot — to benefit from increased social media exposure.
    More Facebook 'Likes', Check-ins & Posts; more Twitter, and advanced e-mail data.



  • Hotels   

  • "Guests at our hotels receive free Wi-Fi as well as important information on the hotel, itself and available offers."

  • Hotel Chain E-commerce Director
  • Restaurants   

  • "A great way to increase reach with real time offers and discounts, measure response and improve relationships."

  • Global Restaurant Chain Marketing Manager
  • Brand Promotions  

  • "We organized free Wi-Fi zones for sponsored concerts, integrating a mobile app to exchange a code for prizes."

  • Major Product Brand Manager


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