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May 16, 2017

Is WiFi Dying?

Not On Your - Or It's - Life

It was all over the internet feeds. For three days. So it must be true.

It started on the 10th in the New York Times: "Coffee Shops Skip Wi-Fi to Encourage Customers to Actually Talk". The story was picked up on the 11th by the Atlanta Journal Constitution and KGW in Portland, which posted a canned video from Buzz60. Its journey ended on the 12th on a website called "Food&Wine" .

To be fair, the Journal Constitution article and Portland tv story were "different", that is, the didn't copy they NYT article, exactly. Yes, the Journal Constitution copied the headline, but the article had new body text, and KGW's "Buzz60" source was clearly identified as a plugin.

5 “Stories”. 1 Coffee Shop. In Toronto.

(Maybe NYT no longer grasps plural?)

Paraphrasing Mark Twain, “The reports of WiFi's death are greatly exaggerated.”

Take, for example, this article, also published May 10th (also, notably, about Toronto). It seems social media apps and movie streaming are impacting attendance, registration and report cards. No kidding?

So the school board blocked its WiFi from accessing Snapchat, Instagram and Netflix

SAME DAY, DIFFERENT SOURCE. The school board will have to satisfy itself cutting such usage, which accounts for 20 percent of their network's daily activity.

Another example disproving reports of WiFi's death was published on May 11th, on ECommerceTimes.

Overall data use is going up, mostly on WiFi.

More than two thirds of "mean data consumption" (roughly 20 GB/month) is used on WiFi. Blame 4G/LTE.

One quarter of unlimited data plan holders use more than 15 GB of WiFi data per month. "Data hungry" mobile users are consuming data-hungry services like video streaming.

The point is, they ARE going to connect through DSL or fiber-optic broadband from a telephone company, cable high-speed Internet from a cable provider, satellite Internet, and, increasingly, 3G/4G mobile WiFi hotspots. And if you don't provide access, they'll find someone who will.

Leveraging WiFi DATA for customer engagement.

Leveraging WiFi begins with "broadcasting" the Hotspot Host's BRAND. On connection, users see a branded page that invites them to join the Hotspot network and access the Internet.

Leveraging continues with customer insights from analytics of real-time data like time(s) on-site. Visit and purchase histories. Tools, for sending personalized offers. Easy login, using email or social media information, as the Host gathers email addresses, social media data, and, most importantly, permission to add the information to their marketing lists.

Actionable, data-driven business insights that inform business decisions to accelerate growth and drive new revenues, and creating stronger customer/brand relationships.

WiFi you can MONETIZE.

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See you on social WiFi

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